Tuesday, June 26, 2012


After designing and handmaking the wedding announcements and invitations for Chiara and Ryan, they asked me to also do the menu for their reception dinner in Italy. I was so happy to do this for them and it was nice to try my hand at another project. 

I've never done a menu like this before and there were several things to figure out. The main challenge was to fit everything onto the page in a neat and clean way. The list was pretty long when she sent it to me, everything was stacked and so it would've run off the bottom of the page had I written it like that. This had to be printed onto a 8.5x11'' letter size page, but it also had to be legible for people who are looking at it form a few feet away. What I decided to do was use the brackets in order to use more of the horizontal space and reduce the number of items in the stack. It think it works really well and makes great use of the space.

The other challenge was that it's in Italian and I made several spelling errors in the first draft. I sent it to Chiara for review and she found them all, but when I corrected them I was a bit paranoid that there was something I couldn't see. It's incredible how easy it is to overlook a mistake when it's in a foreign language! 

Anyway, it sounds like an amazing party and I wish it was here in LA!

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