Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bees and books

I heard a radio podcast (NPR's On Point) recently about bee farming in the US and was fascinated. I found some interesting bee websites and quickly painted a few of my favorite images. The more I learn about bees the more interesting they are, and the more noticeable, too!

I also want to share this great video of the living roof above the place where I work, Unicorn Co-op in Chorlton, Manchester, UK. The shop is an amazing organic grocery, owned and operated completely by it's members. It installed a living roof, which I find incredible and inspiring. During our breaks we can go out and sit on the deck, looking at the tiny pond, plants, and the bees!
Check out the video: Living Roof
Film made by Austin Clare, music composed by Sam Eardley.


In the spring I contributed illustrations to a charity called The Reader Organisation, which promotes reading and bringing people to together to read. Their book is called A Little, Aloud and is being published by Chatto & Windus (a Random House group) with an expected availability date of September 2010. The book is a collection of poetry and excerpts from a variety of authors. Here is a link to the organisation's website and the book's Amazon page. It has been a pleasure to work with The Reader and for such an important cause, and I look forward to seeing the book in a few months!

Here are a few of my illustrations...