Wednesday, June 13, 2012


After two weeks I have finally finished the mural. Actually, all the painting was done on Saturday but I had to varnish the whole thing, using first and isolation coat of gel medium and then two coats of MSA varnish. I found really good information about what to use on Golden's website: I bought the stuff at Artist and Craftsman Supply, my favorite art store in the Boston area, located in Central Square, Cambridge. With everything I needed for the mural I went to local businesses, supporting them while creating a piece of art for the community.
I have to say that varnishing was my least favorite part about the whole thing, but I got some help from Jesse for the first and last coat and I was so thankful to have an extra hand. 

This red thing is the fire pull alarm outside 1369's front door. Cambridge has then around the city and they are basically free-standing fire alarms. It was Josh's idea to make this drain pipe into red alarm and I think it's really cute. 

1369 Coffee House is located at the corner of Cambridge and Springfield Street, which is at a six way intersection. During my days there I heard enough car horns to last me a lifetime! People generally go slow into the intersection because it's a confusing place, not to mention all the pedestrians and cyclists, and then people behind them become impatient and honk. This actually happened to me while driving through yesterday and it's pretty annoying!

The ribbon cutting ceremony is supposed to be this evening but it's a dark rainy day so far. We'll see how it goes and if anything it'll be just be totally done with it. I hope to paint more murals in the future because this was so much fun and a great learning experience. I'm honored to have my work up in public in such a permanent way, it could be there for the next 20 years!