Thursday, July 21, 2011

water and waves

Here are some simple watercolors I made a few days ago. Jesse and I are travelling a bit before we head back to the US and currently we find ourselves in the Netherlands. He is doing a summer course at the University of Leiden and I am going between there and Rotterdam where we have friends. It's always good to be in this country, even if the weather is sadly similar to the UK!
I just finished up a CD cover for a band based in Liverpool and waves were a big part of the imagry. I've begun to really like drawing them and so they found there way into this piece. I'll be posting about the cover at some point in the future...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

coloring kits!

About a month ago I was at The Sunday Market and got talking with Diana Heredia who also had a stall there. She makes beautiful prints, cards, pillows, bags, as well as children's clothes and much more. Her business is called Léon and Coco and you can find her website here. After seeing my work she asked me if I would be interested in drawing something for her coloring kits and I was immediately interested.

My original idea was to draw a set of birds but when I did some initial sketches it turned out to be pretty boring for coloring in, not much detail and the like. Then I was reminded by some drawing I had done a couple of years ago when I was interested in bird houses and children's books. I've always loved to imagine the homes of animals and to see them in cartoons like Tom and Jerry (mice in the wall).

Here are three of the final 6 designs:

above: Bird Dwelling

above: Worm Dwelling
above: Fox Dwelling

Diana's Coloring Kit with trucks etc.

My designs are not currently available but when they are I will let eveyone know! In the mean time, check out the site and esty shop....