Saturday, April 21, 2012

bunny stories

Meet my new little character, Bunn. He's a little rabbit who will some day soon have a little story to be a part of, though for now I'm just exploring how to draw him and his other critter friends. 

Here he is on a bicycle, probably zipping through the little animal town.

He is learning to swim in the local pond, but is a little worried.
I think he's a little down because it's raining outside.

This is such a fun little world to create and I'll be posting further developments on this blog. When I've got a strong story and illustrations I plan to put together a children's book dummy and send it to agents and publishers, both as a sample of my skills but also in hopes of getting it published!

In other news, I've been designing a logo for an organic farm in Canada and I have also done two wedding invitations recently. On top of this I'm currently working on designs for a mural which I'll be flying to Boston to paint in June! The mural is at 1369 Coffee House in Cambridge (Inman Square) and it's going to rock. 

So, lots of things are happening and soon there will be new posts with images of these recent projects. Subscribe to this blog so you can be notified when I post an update. Just type your email address into the subscribe box on the right column.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

all good things

 This week was my friend Jenny's birthday so for a present I made a little portrait of her, screenprinted onto a cute tote bag. It's sort of comic-bookesque because she loves comics. In fact, I included a bunch of things she likes! Just look at all things floating around her and you will see: turn tables and music notes, cooking things (including a piece of kale), a bike, a heart, mountains with hiking trails, comic books, regular books, snow board, plants, spool of thread, sewing machine, a softie (she makes awesome teddy bears and plush animals she calls softies!), and the sun. All good things.

The tote is 100% organic cotton and fairtrade certified. This is a limited edition design, but I'm going to be making more bags as well as tea towels with other interesting and cool designs on them, so stay tuned!

Jenny Smith! biking...

...snowboarding, books, comic books..

...plants...making softies...sewing...
The making of. This is the screen I used to print the design onto the bag. 

Bear with coffee card meets bear with coffee wool felt doll.

Besides making traditional teddy bears and softies, Jenny is getting into needle felting and here is what she made me for my birthday (which is a few days after hers). I LOVE IT! She took my 'bear with coffee' drawing and sculpted a version of it with wool felt. It came out awesome and I will cherish this little guy. Above is a photo of her creation next to my drawing. I am selling these 'bear with coffee' cards as well as others in my etsy shop.