Sunday, August 28, 2011

the midnight ramble

Here is it! This is the cd cover I designed and illustrated for The Midnight Ramble, a rock/soul/blues band from Liverpool, UK. They commissioned me early in the summer and I was able to complete the design by the time I left England, which was July 10th. I even got to visit them in the studio during their first day of recording and was very impressed by the guys as well as their music.
Check out their website and myspace!

When they gave me their ideas about an image for the cover and it involved a lion boxing a man out at sea I must admit that I wasn't sure what to make of it, although I knew that I could do it. They were certain that they wanted my style and so I set to work and came up with a few rounds of sketches. Paul Dunbar, the lead singer, did a great job as art director for the project and told me exactly what he was looking for and gave constructive feedback. Drawing a boxing lion on two feet was by far the biggest challenge, but the whole thing was a joy to work on. The style of waves I developed has captured my imagination and I think I will continue to use it for work in the future. You can even see it in my previous post!

Above: Second round sketch of cover. A little bit closer...

Above: Earliest sketch of cover. And my, how it changed!