Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here are a few of the cards I have been making. My friend Hannah and I are working together on this project and planning to sell them at a local shop and at Christmas fairs. It's been really fun to work with linoleum prints and sewing. We are using mainly recycled or reused materials, which has been interesting and rewarding. They are all simple folded cards except the green one with the dark green ribbon, which is a pamphlet style book. I used paper from a sketchbook made from recycled paper for the inside pages and a road map of Britain for the end papers. Our little operation is called Birdhouse.

I'm excited about book arts still and am taking a workshop next month on binding, using recycled material of course!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keep On

Two more new pieces. These are both watercolor and pencil. The bicycle wheel one is a detail of a larger image, but I quite like the cropped version. It makes it easier to appreciate the little things.

The girl is both a copy of Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, and also a character from the children's story my good friend Jill is writing. She is called Emily and has a bother Tom. We've been working together on this for about, well, two years and hope to make some real progress this fall and winter.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's a chilly autumn sunday morning here in England. I am spending the morning documenting a few things I am working on and the rest of the day on a new painting. Watercolor is a very tricky thing! But I love it. I can't find any Arches paper over here, except for 300 lb, which is not what I need and is very pricey. I am using Fabriano and I have to say it isn't as nice. The paint seems to separate more and it doesn't take as much erasing without breaking up. I am learning though, as always :)
Here are some things I have done in the last few weeks, as well as a small view of my desk. Jesse and I are sharing a flat that is meant for one person, but at least we each have a desk!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Now England

Hello! A new post after so long and so much change. I am here now in Liverpool, England. My husband, Jesse, is studying here and I am working on art and reading a lot. Actually, I have a job at a local vegetarian cafe and am working part time. It is really beautiful here in Mossley Hill. I should post some photos of all the lovely streets and fields. There are a lot trees here and it makes me so happy!

This is a watercolor and pencil drawing. I had the idea of a floating ribbon running through tall trees so I came up with this piece. I am working in this style more and more, really enjoying the soft colors and the graphite lines. Since this is a digital photo I used photoshop and heightened the contrast.

When I get a scanner I will be posting more of my work here and on my website, which needs to be updated badly!
Hope whoever reads this is well,