Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't Panic

Here are two new watercolors. The one of the woman in the bathtub is the first in a series I am making for a group show. Two friends and I are putting together a show at Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool city centre, where one of them has a studio. The title is "Don't Panic!" and my intention is to convey the fear or anxiety that occur in dreams as well as strange moments of panic in waking life. My aim is to have a range of images, some quiet, some humorous, and some more on the nervous side. I hope to show the scope of the state called panic.

This "flower beard" is a man who I think fits into my panic theme, though I'm not sure he'll be in the show. He represents old age and the reverence I feel towards age and those who live well in it. His flowering beard is the beauty this man holds in the later season of his life. After awhile I saw the similarity between this piece and my "Don Quixote" (first post on this blog) which is pretty neat. It was completely unintentional and so I can suppose that this is just part of my thought which insists in being known!

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