Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few things

There are so many things to do in the world! Here I've taken photos of a pillow and two new books. The quilt pattern on the pillow is called Tennessee Waltz and I made it using a sewing machine a while ago. I made one then for Jesse, and this one but never had the chance to finish it until now. The green border is hand stitched because I don't have a machine to use here, but I quite like how it came out and was successful in my "blind stitching".

Both of the books are pamphlet style and filled with graph paper. The design on the cover is a lino-cut, which I really like working with. I have been invited to share a table at a book arts fair in Liverpool, so I am starting to make more of them in order to sell and also a few personal books to show to people. It's so much fun!

The painting is a watercolor and based on a sketch I did at the veggie cafe on Lark Lane called Green Days. It was really nice how the cups and things were arranged on the table and how the shadows fell. Jesse was actually sitting there studying, but I cut him out!

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