Wednesday, November 19, 2008

over cape cod

Another two pieces. These are about panic, like the others. The girl in the air, a dream of flying, looking at the curve of the earth (she is not panicking and has a pleasant emotion, perhaps just before the fright).  

The blue winged thing is an angel. I have often felt an enormous sense of fear, ever since childhood, when thinking about heaven, hell, and angels. This is a representation of the mystic angel that is at the gates of paradise, and her sword. She is blue, like the gods you will see in Indian art, which I find interesting and unnerving. 


Laura said...

The flying girl is so great! I love this new stuff you've been doing! Keep up the good work and I hope you're loving England!

David said...

Mary I love the colors you chose for these two paintings, they are so beautiful and rich. Miss you a ton, keep posting your work, it's amazing...The High school reunion is this weekend, I'll tell you all about it

David said...

the last post is from me, Alison not David, I don't know why it says David, anyways, love you guys!!

Love Alison