Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It is an honor for me to have been asked to design two wedding invitations recently. I have just finished this wedding announcement design for Ryan and Chiara, a couple who are studying with my husband at UCLA. They gave me some ideas, like the floral pattern on the bride's dress and they also showed me some other invitations that they liked. I knew that they wanted a tree or something green and leafy and since Chiara loves squirrels it only seemed right to put one in there too! They wanted me to hand write the text, which really suits the style of the drawing. Below is the invitation for the party they will have in Italy this summer.

 This one is for my old friend Courtney and her fiancee Aaron. I showed them a few designs I had made and they liked this the best and then they chose these colors and we worked on finding the right fonts together. They had a lot more information to put on the page, but I think it worked out really well and the tree balances the text. I love the birds! I printed both these jobs at home and the invitations were all hand cut with rounded corner, a nice touch!

I really enjoyed these two projects and am hope not too much time goes by before I get another commission for wedding invitations...

If you are interested in having invitations of any kind designed and made by me, please get in touch! You can also share this post with a friend :) 

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