Thursday, May 24, 2012

mural time!

Oh man, I'm only a few days away from the largest art project I've ever done -a mural!

This has been in the works for over a year, talking and sketching and planning. Now it's finally happening and I'm excited and a bit nervous! It's the outside wall of 1369 Coffee House in Inman Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I worked here for three years while attending art school in Boston and have a particular fondness for the place. 

 The design came out of a desire to incorporate different elements of the coffee house's life. The owner and employees brainstormed and came up with many great ideas, which I pulled together into one image: a diagram of an espresso machine. It's not accurate or technical at all, but rather an interesting way to show how things like music, cycling, the community, and of course coffee, are all part of this amazing establishment. I wanted to show how great this place is and make it a beautiful thing to look at. 

Below are the current mural. I'm not sure how long it's been there, probably a long time...

If you are a local or will be in town, feel free to come around and take a look at the progress. I'll be updating this blog with photos of the progress every few days. 

Wish me luck!


abarbuc said...

I am excited for you. I am sure the result will be spectacular. Keep us posted. Hugs from sunny Manchester

Josh said...

I'm getting so excited for this. Can't wait to work with you over the next month to help make this great!

dave c. said...

So cool! Your work is looking great, Mary! Keep it up!

Jacqueline said...

My husband, daughter & I were driving through Inman Square yesterday (we attended Herbstalk in Somerville & were going to Harvest before we left the city) and I saw you walking across the street! I recognized you right away but when I just checked your website I found out you were living in LA. Then I came to your blog and realized you are in Cambridge! Haha It was too bad we were driving, it would have been nice to stop and say hi. Your art is more beautiful than ever!


Ps. Looking forward to you opening your Etsy shop too! I sell local herbal products there...GreenFeatherHerbs if you want to check it out :)