Monday, October 1, 2012

little kiddos

Vivian is feeling nervous and a bit scared because she doesn't know anyone at the party. They all seem to know eachother really well already, maybe they went to the same nursery school? Eventually she will start dancing.

I love when babies make such a mess with cake! It's one of those things we find adorable even though it's really kinda gross looking. The moms get a chance at a grown-up conversation although they are undoubtably talking about their kids.

 Just messing with the dollhouse and moving around all their stuff. It's alright, they don't seem to mind. For some reason it's more fun to put things in place through the window rather than the big open wall, because why would a house be missing a whole side anyway?

And finally, the cranky, over-tired kid. Vivian hates going to bed when everyone else gets to stay up and watch a movie. She really is tired, more than she knows. In about 1 minute she will stop screaming and be so glad because her pillow is very comfy and all she wants is to close her eyes and be fast asleep. 

...more to come...

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