Friday, March 23, 2012

denizen and baby bibs

This is new illustration for the online magazine, Denizen, which is about third culture kids who grow up in more than one place. The article is titled "The Enigma of Arrival" and was written by Brittani Sonnenberg. It talks about what arriving feels like, or doesn't feel like, when the place used to be your home and now is not. I love illutrating for Denizen because the articles are all always personal and share interesting views on life and what it means to be a "citizen of the world". I do not want to be too literal in my images, but I aim to give the viewer something which accompanies the text in a meaningful way. The thing that caught my attention in the article was this: 

"As aTCK, it’s hard to put two feet down in one place, to offer up that commitment."

 I knew that it was the perfect imagery to use, so I drew a woman with her feet in two very different places, looking a bit unsure of her balance and what to do with her flag which will declare her location.

In other news...

These are my newest project! Organic cotton baby bibs, for the little ones in your life. I found this adorable organic cotton fabric and couldn't resist making these. They are currently for sale in my Esty shop, so be sure to check it out! I am also attending the Silverlake Art/Craft/Vintage Fair on April 14th, so if you live in Los Angeles, head down there you'll be glad you did!

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Baby bibs
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