Friday, January 20, 2012

wake up and smell the...

 I first saw a reusable coffee filter at my older sister's house before I even drank coffee, so the idea has been in my mind for many years, maybe 10 or so. When I began drinking coffee the normalcy of paper filters was enough to make me not consider an alternative, although I hadn't forgotten about the cloth ones I'd seen. Then, after moving from England and to LA, I bought my first sewing machine and I now have a special power that I didn't before! Things I used to feel were beyond my ability to make can now be made, and that gives me so much joy.
And so, the coffee filters. We make coffee everyday and the idea came to me slowly and then all at once. I had the cotton because I had bought it for another purpose (eye pillow bags, though it turned out to be too stiff) and so things just came together. I am selling these on my Etsy Shop and hopefully in some local Los Angeles cafes. (Please get in touch if you are interested in selling them).

I've made these coffee filters out of 100% unbleached cotton (which was made in the USA).You can use these just like ordinary filters and your coffee will taste great without the environmental impact of using a new paper filter every time you brew. Plus you will never have to buy the paper kind again!

Instructions are as easy as pie: 

-Place filter in coffee maker basket and brew as you normally do.
-After coffee is made, take grounds out of filter and dispose of them (I compost them).
-Rinse filter in cold water, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry. 

Happy Coffee Brewing! 

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