Saturday, January 14, 2012

lovely lavender

Okay, I love to sew. And I love to sleep...

These eye pillows were inspired by my sister-in-law, Katie, who wanted me to make one for a Christmas present. I was excited by the idea and went about finding the right cloth and filling. The pattern is incredibly simple, but the end product is versatile and something to be cherished. I chose organic cotton for the front and an extra soft reclaimed flannel for the underside of the pillow. The inside is filled with dried buckwheat, giving it just the right weight, and lavender which is a sleep aid and can sooth an anxious mind. These are great for getting rid of stress and headaches, or for your yoga practice during calm and meditative moments. They can also be placed under the pillow on your bed or try putting it in your clothing drawer to give your clothes a subtle smell of lavender. So many ways to enjoy such a simple thing!

The bag, such a good idea! I have made these cute drawstring bags for carrying the eye pillows, which keeps them clean while they travel in your purse or yoga bag.

You can find these for sale in my Etsy shop!

Find out more about Katie (yoga teacher and journalist) by checking out her blog:

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