Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This week I had a few different sources of local food to draw. Firstly, I volunteered at a nearby community allotment and got to take home some lovely rhubarb, mustard leaves, and loads of herbs. Above is a drawing of sage in a jar, which is blooming! The jerusalem artichoke is from our weekly veg box from DIG. The fennel bulb and the fresh garlic where left over from the cooking project that I helped out at. It was a Cracking Good Food event where two chefs taught participants how to make a stir-fry and then they got to eat it! It's a great project and I look forward to helping at more community events and classes. At the end there was extra produce and I was able to take some home... such as the strange fennel bulb below.

Mushrooms from Cracking Good Food.

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