Friday, October 17, 2008

Now England

Hello! A new post after so long and so much change. I am here now in Liverpool, England. My husband, Jesse, is studying here and I am working on art and reading a lot. Actually, I have a job at a local vegetarian cafe and am working part time. It is really beautiful here in Mossley Hill. I should post some photos of all the lovely streets and fields. There are a lot trees here and it makes me so happy!

This is a watercolor and pencil drawing. I had the idea of a floating ribbon running through tall trees so I came up with this piece. I am working in this style more and more, really enjoying the soft colors and the graphite lines. Since this is a digital photo I used photoshop and heightened the contrast.

When I get a scanner I will be posting more of my work here and on my website, which needs to be updated badly!
Hope whoever reads this is well,