Monday, December 9, 2013


I checked my blog this week and realized that a Halloween themed illustration was still the latest thing there! It's so embarrassing to be behind in the season…Luckily I have a new painting to share!

This was commissioned by my sister-in-law, Erica, who came for Thanksgiving and was en route to Costa Rica where she goes every year to help run a yoga teacher training course. A good friend of hers  there has a little baby girl and so this painting is a gift. It's based on the little boy version I made a while ago (see blog post from January 29, 2013), Erica thought with a few changes it would make the perfect present. She suggested I add a Respendent Quetzal and a Hummingbird, which are birds found in Costa Rica and a nod to the baby's name, Ava (related to the Latin for bird.)

I really enjoyed this little project and the challenge of drawing these beautiful birds. It was important to make them a part of the picture but not take over too much attention from the bubbly baby!

Erica's request came at a great time, too, because I've just finished the illustrations for my first children's book! It's too early for me to share the details but as soon as I can I will be letting everyone know the publisher and hopefully some of the illustrations!

My yearly Christmas card illustration soon to come! 

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Julia Kelly said...

Very cute illustration and congrats on the picturebook!