Thursday, February 10, 2011

about food

This is my first try at making marmalade, and I think it can fairly be called a success! Making the labels was just as fun as boiling down the organic seville oranges and worring about wether or not the jam would set properly! The flavor is strong and wonderful in the morning with toast and a cup of coffee. The first thing I tried it with was Fig and Aniseed (100% Rye) by the wonderful Handmade Bakery, from which the Unicorn gets bread deliveries twice a week. It was an amazing combination, I must say.

Above: an illustration in support of buying and eating local. I'm learning more and more how important and good it really is! I'm not interested in telling people what to do with slogans, so I added 'please' at the bottom, which is much friendlier!

Even more excitement:
Jennie O'Hara and I have published Easy Dinners for Difficult Dinner Guests online as an ebook and it can now be purchased by following this link!

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