Monday, September 27, 2010

crescent moon tales

I am currently designing a logo for a lovely person, Sandy Hitchens, who is a storyteller. She wanted a design which looked like a 'goddessy-woman's profile' and a crescent moon, to be used on a business card and eventually a website. I started with pencil sketches and pretty soon I was drawing stars as well! They added more to the image, symbolizing the storytelling aspect and are also in line with the celestial theme.

Sandy picked her favorite of my sketches (the one in the upper left corner and the stars from the one next to it) and I started experimenting with color and shapes.

The ones above are more shape based designs, using blocks of color and simple color palette.

This page of designs use the shaded pencil drawing instead of the blocked shaped. I was working out how to add color. Then Sandy suggested coloring the hair...

Below is the almost final version. Sandy is very pleased with the design and the brown background. I cropped it like that to so how it could be composed on the back of a business card. Now I just need to clean up the image a bit and we're there!

I decided to try my hand a the business card to see what I could do. I am happy with this but may work a bit more on different compositions and such. The font is perfect!

I'll post again with the final logo...

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