Wednesday, January 13, 2010

express to sunday

It's only been a few days since I returned from vacation and now I am working on my third penguin for Liverpool's Go Penguins project. I'm really excited because it is my original design, the one that I submitted way back in September. It will be done by this weekend and I will post the photos then so stay tuned!


I drew these characters a while back for a story that I haven't yet finished illustrating. It was early in the story development and I was just sketching out ideas for the characters. I won't be using it for the book, but it occurred to me that it is a good drawing whether it fits the story or not. The characters and story are written by Jill Tomasetti, who also wrote The Birthday. This is our second/third collaboration and is about two sisters named Thursday and Wednesday who get a letter from their sister Sunday. They take a train to find her! 

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