Thursday, November 12, 2009

go penguins

I painted two penguins for Liverpool's Go Penguin public art project. There over a hundred beautifully painted  five foot tall penguins which will be in city centre this winter. 

My first penguin was sponsored by Liverpool Innovation Park, which is which was also the HQ for the project and the studio were most of them were painted. The photo on the left is of my first penguin still in progress, and the photo on the right is the back of it when completed.


My second penguin was sponsored by the Environment Agency. This is my interpretation of their concept and basic design: Liverpool under a burning sun and a dry cracked landscape. Don't ask me why they wanted penguins aimlessly walking around, but it does look pretty cool. This was almost the opposite landscape to my first penguin, very warm colors (no green at all!), but they seem to match anyway.


Check out the project's website to find out more about it. I'll post pictures of them once they are on the trail!


Nels Nelson said...

Really nice work!

David Shannon-Lier said...

These are awesome Mary, they came out so great :-)


Laura DeDonato said...

Mary these are awesome!

LunchBox Illustration said...

these are totally badass! nice work