Wednesday, September 23, 2009

alpha bag

Hip hip for the screen printing! Jane brought her screens and materials into the studio yesterday and so I made these alphabet bags. There are five bags and six or so prints on paper and they're all for sale. I'll be selling them at the Manchester Artists' Bookfair, along with handmade books, cards and bookmarks. If you would like one but can't make it to the fair, please get in touch through email! Prints are £4 and bags are £6 (+shipping). There's also much more to come! 


Laura said...

These are so cute!!!

Laura said...

Also, found this artist and thought you might be interested in seeing her work. Reminded me of you! :)

Mary Lundquist said...

Hey thanks, Laura! Glad you like the bags and I'm really inspired by Sophie Blackall, I just checked out her entire site.