Saturday, June 27, 2009

the book!

The Birthday is a children's story that was written by Jill Tomasetti and illustrated by myself. Above are photographs of the digitally printed version of the handmade book. I made an edition of 4 digital and 4 original versions.

Below are images of the book made from original etchings. The cover is printed using drypoint card. This version is larger than the digital ones and the pages are Fabriano Rosaspina printmaking paper.

I will be exhibiting these books at Editions Gallery in Liverpool from July 9th. They will be a part of a show I am in, Magnificent Seven, with six other illustrators based in Liverpool. We formed as a group during a residency in the Bluecoat's print studio this Spring.

Thanks to Andy and Hannah for lending me their camera. Thanks to Emma for teaching me how to print, I will always be in debt to you for it. Thanks to Jesse, for so much.

 And of course, thank you Jill for writing this story. 


David Shannon-Lier said...

Mary they are beautiful, I can't believe how amazing they came out, you are incredible! I hope they sell well at the fair and we received your check for David's calender, I'll be dropping off a copy soon at the Lundquist's :-) You two are so talented!

Love Alison

Ms. Ryan said...

This book looks wonderful. Glad to see you are still making wonderful art! Hope all is well