Wednesday, May 6, 2009


These are my first silk-screen stencil prints! Using paper stencils, and I have to say that I am proud of my first attempt. The uneven color and the off register shapes are all so interesting. 

I have used silk screen printing since my years at summer camp (starting with a heart shape on a tie-dye tshirt) as well as a few times in college, but I was using a stop-out liquid. It is a very different way of working with the screen and I was unsure about the quality of my paper shapes and the fact that my work is usually so line based. The method is simple, though you need to really pay attention to the positive and negative, and the order in which you print. It was my intention to add a third color to this, but I am actually really happy with it as it is.

Thanks Jane, For giving us such a great introduction!

ps. this is Joan Baez, one of my favorite singers. I drew this from a video of a 1960s concert.