Thursday, April 23, 2009

mimus polyglottos

Yes, another Walt Whitman print. I have been making variations, trying different colored tissue paper and printmaking paper. This is my favorite of all, yellow and blue on cream paper. The inked lines are thin in some areas, though I like it because it's subtle and delicate. Isn't it neat how the bird is off the mark?
This is a gum arabic transfer print, made with a wax crayon and using blue ink. That's Rhonda who is in "tuesday morning illustrators" at the print studio. This technique is great for a loose and sketchy print, recording the scratchy wax drawing. 
This is a Northern Mockingbird! Looking a bit worried.


Sam Koch said...

new site looks great

sham Wan towers said...

Hi Mary, could you email me please? I am experimenting with gum transfers. Not interested in using photocopies.