Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is a new painting and the sketch it was inspired by. It is interesting to see them together because each has its own unique character. It also makes obvious the things that can get lost in translation. The figure in the sketch is more expressive, which is often the case, and I am trying to bring the same amount of personality into the finish. 

The colors! They are the redeaming factor in the case for the paintings. For this peice I have taken up acrylic, which I haven't used for several months. The paint brought this little woman to life! My favorite part of this is the leafy bit on the bottom, but I am also pleased with the figure and her hair.

      This is Aladdin, though only after the fact. It is another situation where I tried to maintain the feeling of the simple pencil drawing and in this case I'm very happy with the likeness. 

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David Shannon-Lier said...

Mary David and I both really love the new paintings you've done and we noticed how much they both remind us of you and different aspects of your personality that come out in each.